A Week of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in just a few days! I’m excited to have lots of family coming in for the long weekend. It will be a little busy, but I’m glad to be off for four days to have the opportunity to just relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. I had a really nice staycation this past weekend…I feel very well-rested and ready for all the Thanksgiving festivities! Got my stretchy pants out of storage and everything.

Since this week is Thanksgiving week, I am devoting some time each day to being grateful: writing in my gratitude journal, spending time reflecting on the good things in my life (while also trying to put a positive spin on the bad things), jotting down gratitude notes in my planner, etc.

I know this is something that should be done every day, all year, but I’m really going to work on it this week and hope that it’s something I can continue on throughout the year.

There are many ways to practice thankfulness. I’m a fan of gratitude journals (The Five-Minute Journal is a favorite of mine) and writing things down in my life planner. I also occasionally use meditation apps (Headspace and Calm are two good options) that help guide you through gratitude reflections and mindfulness practices. Some people just acknowledge being thankful for something in their head and that’s fine too. Whatever works for you. Just taking the time to recognize the all good things in your life is what’s important.

Being thankful can help put a lot of things in perspective, and can also increase your overall happiness if you do it often enough. It can be hard to practice gratitude on a regular basis, I will admit. I, myself, am really inconsistent with my gratitude journaling, but if you are wanting to be a more grateful person, I think this week is a great time to start.



    • Ellen says:

      I think I got my Five Minute Journal at Paper Source a few years ago, but I found it at Urban Outfitters and online recently. Amazon might still have it. As for planner stickers, I used to order them from different shops on Etsy, but now you can get pretty good ones from Michael’s. They are usually a bit cheaper also.

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