August Favorites + Updates

It’s time for some monthly favorites! I’m a few days late on this post (as usual), but it’s been a busy week. So let’s just get right to it…

Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits

I have been OBSESSED with these! I buy no less than three boxes every time I make a grocery run because I eat them so fast. They are also sold out a lot of times at my grocery store, so I stock up when I can. I usually eat Triscuits with cheese or sausage, but these I just eat right out of the box like chips. It’s odd because I’m actually not really that big of a fan of rosemary, but these are nicely flavored with just a hint of rosemary and I find them delicious. I even made the recipe on the back of the box: Rosemary & Olive Oil Chicken Tenders. It tasted like fried chicken, but healthier (it’s baked instead of fried). And I made a knockoff version of Raisin’ Canes dipping sauce to go on the side. Yum!

Patagonia Capilene Thermal Hoody

This is a favorite item of mine from the backpacking trip I took last month: Patagonia’s Capilene Thermal Weight Zip-Neck Hoody. I wore this every single day on my trip and it was perfect. You can wear it as a mid layer piece under another jacket, or by itself as a shirt. It’s quick-drying, breathable, and stretchy so you can do pretty much anything in it. I debated on whether or not to get the hoody version, but I’m so glad I did. My beanie got SOAKED one day when I left it out in the rain, and the hood on this shirt was the only thing I had to keep my head warm for a few days. I was a little worried that it might smell after being worn 7 days in a row (Patagonia’s Capilene stuff is known to do that), but surprisingly it didn’t. Patagonia for the win.

Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese

We had a lot of green chile-flavored stuff on my Colorado trip. Since we spent most of the time in the Southwest corner of Colorado, there was a lot of New Mexican-styled foods. And I took full advantage of it. (I had so many delicious breakfast burritos!) Last week, a friend of mine at work was eating the Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese frozen meal and I almost died of excitement. MAC & CHEESE WITH GREEN CHILES OMG. I went and bought 4 of them right after work and I have been eating them almost every other day. It’s not too spicy, but you get a nice, subtle green chile flavor that gives it a little extra something. And now my Pinterest food board is covered with homemade green chile mac and cheese recipes.

Game of Thrones
Obviously. I am going to be honest and say that this show pretty much took over my life this past month. As of mid-August, I was really far behind. (I had only seen seasons 1-5.) I was tired of trying to avoid all the spoilers that were all over social media Monday mornings, so I decided to catch up. My goal was to be caught up by the time the finale of Season 7 aired. So for about a week and a half, all I did was watch Game of Thrones. I even spent 8 hours one Sunday evening watching most of Season 6 and some of Season 7. I DO NOT recommend doing that. It’s just too much of an emotional toll. People dying, people coming back then disappearing again, horses dying, etc. I can barely handle one episode a week! While I am glad that I caught up, I would not watch almost two full seasons in a week and a half. My heart can only handle so much. (Note: If you’re not caught up and want to be by next season..don’t worry!!! We all have to wait two freaking years until the final season!!!)

Athleta Highline Hybrid Ankle Tight

This was another item of clothing that I took on my backpacking trip and LOVED. It was the most comfortable pant I brought on the trip, and has now been officially named my favorite hiking pant/tight ever. I currently have the first “edition” of this pant, but Athleta has recently come out with the Highline Hybrid Ankle Tight 2.0 which is pretty much exactly the same thing. They also have a new cargo pocket version which I am dying to get because who doesn’t love pockets??? These are pretty expensive tights, I’m not gonna lie ($98 and $108, respectively), but I got mine for about $30 when they went on clearance. They also may be a bit much if you are wearing them more casually. They are made of a pretty thick fabric with abrasion-resistant, soft-shell panels on the front for added durability so they are definitely geared towards more travel/hiking/adventurewear. Oh and they have four zippered pockets. So yes I wear them for everything. 

The new royal baby!
Last, but certainly not least, is news of the new royal baby on the way! If you know me at all, you know that I have a slight fascination with Kate Middleton. (AKA: The Duchess of Cambridge. AKA: Countess of Strathearn. AKA: Lady Carrickfergus. AKA: The future Queen of England!!!) And her beautiful, perfect children. And her clothes. And her hair. Ever since she walked into that room almost 7 years ago wearing that perfect, blue Issa wrap dress to announce her engagement to Prince William, I have been obsessed. I even have a Kate Middleton Pinterest board which you should probably check out. (Spoiler alert: It’s basically a collection of most outfits Kate has worn since her engagement announcement.) Anyway, the palace recently announced that William and Kate are expecting their third child, and I could not be more excited! At the moment, she is not quite 12 weeks along, so the new prince or princess should be arriving sometime in the spring. (I hope it’s another girl!) Unfortunately, Kate is experiencing the same severe morning sickness she had with George and Charlotte so let’s hope she feels better soon! In the meantime, I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what adorable maternity clothes she wears this time around!

That’s it for the favorites. I do have some fun updates though! Check them out:

Updates + Coming Soon!

⊕ I am heading back to my alma mater this weekend. I got some last minute tickets to the Notre Dame football game, which gives me the chance to visit my old stomping grounds at Saint Mary’s College. Expect lots of Instagram posts of some seriously beautiful college campuses.

⊕ I have another trip planned! In exactly one month, I am going back to Colorado! This time on a mother/daughter mini road trip. Ever since I got back from Colorado and my mom saw the videos of my old timey train ride, she has been dying to go. So…we got some really cheap flights to Denver during Southwest’s recent sale, and are spending Columbus Day weekend exploring Colorado. Check back soon for more details on what we will all be doing!

⊕ I have some fun fall-themed posts planned so keep a look out for those in the coming months. It’s already starting to feel like fall here…I’m so excited!

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