Favorites: Made in the USA

Happy 4th of July!

In lieu of a June monthly favorites post, I thought I would do something a little more patriotic. So I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite things that are made in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillets

Lodge has been making cast iron cookware since the late 19th century, and they still make all of their classic, seasoned cast iron pieces in their foundry in Tennessee. Their products come in lots of different shapes and sizes (check out this cute one!), and there are various accessories and cookbooks dedicated to the famous cast iron cookware. I have the classic 12-inch cast iron skillet and it’s one of the most versatile kitchen pieces I’ve ever had. You can use it both on the stovetop and in the oven; I even take mine camping for some delicious fireside fare. They do take a little work to maintain (they are not dishwasher safe), but they can last forever if you clean and season them properly.

Darn Tough Socks

These are the best socks EVER! I will never live without these socks again. And I may not have to. All Darn Tough socks are guaranteed for life. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just send them back to their headquarters in Vermont (where all of their socks are made) and they will send you a new pair. I have several of their wool hiking socks, but they make both wool and synthetic socks for pretty much everything (running, skiing, hunting, biking, lifestyle, etc.). They are comfortable and durable and come in tons of different styles and colors for men, women, and kids. They are a bit on the pricier side (around $20 per pair), but well worth it in my opinion.



I love anything and everything Pyrex. I have old, vintage pieces and new, vintage-looking pieces, as well as quite a few of the basic glass dishes. Pyrex’s glassware line is still made in Pennsylvania, and it has been since 1915. Today’s pieces comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, and almost all are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. I use mine for everything from leftover storage to meal prepping to mixing bowls. I use the cute, colorful lidded glassware pieces several times a week to pack my lunch.

Dr. Bronner’s SoapI’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s soap for a few years now. It’s not my everyday soap, but I use it when I travel and on camping and backpacking trips. It’s an organic, all-natural, fair trade certified castile soap and can be used to wash/clean almost anything. (Some of my friends even use it to brush their teeth! I’m still not 100% on board with that yet. It is soap after all.) I’ve used it as body wash, shampoo, shaving cream, dish soap, and laundry detergent. It can also be used as pet shampoo, baby shampoo, and as an all-purpose cleaner to clean floors, tabletops, etc. I have sensitive skin so I usually get the milder, unscented version, but I’m also a fan of the lavender-scented one. This is one of the most useful soaps I’ve ever used, and it’s still one of the top selling soaps in America today. Which is not surprising considering the Bronner family has been making soaps since 1858. They really know what they are doing.


Fiesta dinnerware is another product that’s been made in America since the early 20th century. The colorful line of dinnerware was released in 1936 by the Homer Laughlin China Company (who still owns and manufactures Fiestaware today at their West Virginia headquarters). There were only 5 colors (red, yellow, cobalt blue, green, and ivory) when the dinnerware was first introduced, but these days you can choose from colors like lemongrass, shamrock, scarlet, and slate…just to name a few. I have a few sets of the 4-piece place setting, as well as a few small bowls and a salt-and-pepper shaker set. I love all the bright colors and the fact that they are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. They’re definitely the prettiest, most perfect place settings in America.

Hope you enjoyed all my Made in America favorites! Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations!


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