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Hello all! Happy Hump Day! I’ve got a busy next couple of days, but as promised in my favorites post a few weeks ago, I am writing all about the wonder that is HomeGoods today.

Most people are probably not as enamored with this store as I am, but there is something very exciting to me about going into a store and not knowing what you will find. There is no online website where you can view inventory, and each store is completely different. (And some are definitely better than others.) You really never know what is in store for you! (Haha…get it?) It’s like treasure hunting and bargain bin shopping all in one store. And it’s not crappy stuff. I have bought Eddie Bauer bedding, various items from Kate Spade, shower curtains from Tommy Hilfiger, OXO storage containers, and Tommy Bahama barware for half of the price you would pay at a regular retailer.

I’m not saying you can’t great deals at other places. Sure, stores constantly have sales, but there are a couple of items that I almost ALWAYS find cheaper at HomeGoods. So, in the spirit of things, here are my top five things to buy at HomeGoods:

Paper Products

Notebooks, journals, file folders, stationery, and wrapping paper. I get all of those things here. I have amassed a ridiculous amount of notebooks from HomeGoods. They are cheap, plentiful, and really, really cute. I give them as gifts a lot, usually wrapped in wrapping paper I also bought at HomeGoods. (They have the best and cheapest wrapping paper!) I usually hit up the paper/office section first and – depending on how much stuff I end up getting there – check out the other sections after.

Kitchen Essentials

HomeGoods kitchenI love getting little things for the kitchen here, like storage items, utensils, dish towels, etc. They have a pretty decent sized kitchen/cooking section, and you can usually find name brand stuff (i.e. Le Creuset, OXO) if you are willing to take the time to look. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, but it’s well worth it.

Throw Pillows

My favorite place to get throw pillows! I will say that it’s hit or miss depending on the time of year, but in the spring and fall I always find the cutest throw pillows. All of the throw pillows on my bed are from HomeGoods, as well as a few others lying around my apartment. And they are usually only like $15 or $20 so you can really stock up!


This is where I get all the glassware and accessories for my bar cart. I just bought some nice acrylic wine glasses (a pack of 4 stemless and these cute pink ones) as well as some fun, little books full of drinking quotes. I also bought some really nice marble coasters recently that I have been complimented on several times already.

Picture Frames

Picture frames really aren’t all that cheap! I don’t know why square pieces of glass with metal and/or wood are so expensive, but damn. Luckily, HomeGoods has some really great picture frame options. They usually have a pretty big range of sizes and styles too, so you can definitely get enough to make that gallery wall you’ve seen on Pinterest a million times.

Just for fun…check out my most recent HomeGoods finds!!!

(Apparently, I was in a particularly girly mood that day…)

I will also leave you with a few tips for shopping at HomeGoods…

  1. Shop during the week – and in the morning – if you can. I realize this is unrealistic for most people, but weekends are busy and most of the inventory has been picked over by the end of the week.
  2. Don’t go in looking for a specific item. I have found that if I go in looking for one specific thing, I always come out empty-handed. That’s not to say go and just buy stuff at random, but I find it’s easier to have a general idea of things you need rather than a list of specific items. The good news is, if you don’t find what you are looking for, their inventory changes constantly so you can always go back for a second look soon!
  3. Walk down every aisle. Yes, this is time-consuming and maybe a bit tedious, but it will prove beneficial in the end. I have found some really useful things in the outdoor section, the kid’s aisle, and even the pet area. For the record, I have no outdoor space whatsoever, no children, and zero pets. But, outdoor pillows work just as well inside. Children’s rugs keep your feet just as warm, and dog food storage containers hold just as much in human food. Basically, you just have to get creative.
  4. Don’t pass up the impulse section! Also known as the checkout line, the fixtures of smaller items leading up to the registers hold some pretty great stuff. I almost always pick up at least one or two little things at the last minute here. They don’t call it an impulse section for nothing.

So that is my rant/homage to/review of HomeGoods! Go check it out!

This is not a sponsored post! Just thought you should know. 🙂


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