It’s Black Friday!

That means a shopping frenzy for some people…but not for me. I won’t even be working today despite the fact that I work for a retail company. I am actually getting a paid day off today to do nothing but go outside. Crazy, right? And totally awesome. Thanks, REI!!!

Yes, for the third year in a row REI is paying all of its employees to spend Black Friday outside. It’s a pretty cool idea, and I feel like it puts a little more meaning back into Thanksgiving weekend. I know a lot of people really love the Black Friday holiday shopping frenzy, and you can for sure get a ton of great deals, but I’m not really into crowds and waiting in long lines and mobs of adults fighting over whatever the hot new item is. If you are though, that’s cool. You do you, boo. Everyone has their thing. (Hope you get some good deals!)

Anyway, the point of this post is bring up the idea of spending Black Friday outdoors instead of in a crowded mall. You don’t necessarily have to go hiking or skiing or climbing…maybe you just want to drink on your patio. That’s perfectly acceptable IMO. Whatever you do today though, I hope you find some time to go outside and disconnect from all the craziness. After all, we have the next 30 days to drive ourselves nuts with Christmas shopping.

See you outside!

Join the social media movement and post pictures of your Opt Outside day using the hashtag #OptOutside. For more information, go to www.rei.com/optoutside. You can see how other people spend their #OptOutside day, and find local things to do for your #OptOutside day too! 



Disclaimer: This is not a post sponsored by REI. I am promoting the #OptOutside campaign on my own free will and have not been reimbursed by anyone for doing so. Not that I ever am. Just throwing it out there though. 

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