Spring Fashion Favorites

Well, it looks like warm weather is finally here to stay. I think it’s now safe for me to put away all my winter stuff and break out my spring and summer attire. (It’s also a good time to do some late spring wardrobe cleansing!)

There are a few things that I never go through the spring season without, along with a few new pieces that have made it onto my “spring essentials” list.

First off…let’s start with two must-haves for me: rain boots and a rain jacket. These two things have really come in handy this past spring with all the rain we have have gotten. While these may not necessarily be considered “fashion items,” they are definitely a staple in my spring wardrobe. I, personally, use the Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket ($129) and the Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot ($150). Both are a little on the pricier side, but you definitely can use them year round, not just in the spring. (I also got both of these items on super sale, so you can definitely get them at a discounted price if you keep your eye out.) Both, however, are really high quality items that should last you quite a long time. (The boots will probably last you forever.) More importantly, they keep you dry during those incessant April showers. And also when you are moving your friend into her new apartment in the middle of a torrential downpour. Tested and approved!

Now on to my other spring clothing essentials…

Floral patterned anything
I do love me a good floral print. Especially if it’s on a cute dress. I have a couple of floral dresses that I honestly don’t wear nearly enough, but they do come in handy for all those spring weddings and Easter brunches. And they are easy to dress up with a nice cardigan and wedges, or dressed down with something more casual like a jean jacket and sandals. I’ve also been a little bit obsessed with floral purses and shoes this year, but have yet to justify buying any of those. Maybe next year.

Athleisure sneakers
I have a vast collection of athleisure sneakers that I’ve been wearing for years, but my most recent pair is definitely my favorite: the New Balance 247 Classic sneaker in pink sandstone/white. I talked about this (along with my chambray shirts) in my April Favorites post a few weeks ago, but I’m talking about it again because I just love it that much. They are comfortable, versatile, and just different enough from my other sneakers to make me feel okay about buying them.

Chambray shirt
This is a recent favorite of mine, but I have been wearing both of my chambray shirts a ton ever since I got them last month. They are great to wear unbuttoned as a layer on top of a t-shirt, or buttoned up with jeans, black pants, or even a simple skirt (with cute, pink sneakers of course!). I have also seen them worn under sweaters and blazers, but since I am in the process of putting away my cold weather clothing, those outfits will have to wait until the fall. Plus, if you get one of those long, tunic style chambray shirts, you can wear them with leggings and that is a really great thing for us athleisure-loving folks.

Pleated skirt
No…not the school uniform type of pleated skirts…the cute, flowy ones that are seemingly ubiquitous this time of year. I have been looking for a pretty, knee-length pleated skirt for months, and finally found the perfect one at the Express Factory Outlet. Not too long, not too short, and not the midi length style that makes my legs disappear. I was initially looking for a bright, fun colored pleated skirt, or even a floral patterned one, but in the end I decided black was the easy choice. And that is the story of how I ended up with my fourth black skirt. At least my dresses are fun.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my spring fashion favorites! I am definitely not a “fashionista” (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) by any means, but I like to throw in some fun fashiony posts every now and then to mix things up.

Check back Friday for my next post!

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